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E N T E R T A I N M E N T   G R O U P

Ceremony Music sound packages for your Wedding


We can provide ceremony music at the same location

venue as reception or at another Location 


The wedding ceremony along with the music is the most Important moment that your entire wedding revolves around.

The right music selection is essential in complementing the overall atmosphere and mood of your wedding.



Our Ceremony Music Package Includes:


·         -Professional DJ

·         Background music as guests arrive

·         Bridal Party entrance music (Processional)

·         Bride's entrance music

          (if separate from processional)

·         Music for Candle lighting/sand ceremony music

·         Any background instrumentals required for 

·         Registry signing 

·         Recessional music Background music as guests    

          mingle/move to reception

·         Wireless Microphone for Wedding Officiate

            Lavaliere Mics ( if needed )

·         Custom Music Arrangement

           Professional Grade Sound System

·         (Processional, Signing, and Recessional, etc…) 



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More and more, couples are choosing to have their DJ service also provide their ceremony music. If your ceremony and reception are at the same location then we can provide Ceremony Music .

  If the system needs to be moved from one location to another or moved to another location on the same premise, we do charge an additional cost.  


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